Use the link analysis feature to build charts and analysis of Gangs and their members. Quickly see how they interact and connect over time and geography. Identify key members and see their associations through locations, phone numbers and phone calls, organized gang events and more.

The Case Closed gang database module, GangBuster™ is a multi-agency gang tracking software database. This gang database was initially developed for an 18 agency district in southeast TN. The gang tracking software is a comprehensive database tracking such data as:

  • Gangs
  • Members/Associates
  • Events
  • Gang Types
  • Gang Identifiers
  • Gang Qualifiers/Qualifications
  • Gang Activity

Case Closed Gangs includes an approval process, a purging process and a regular review of the data so that it is current.

When associating potential members, the user will go through each possible identifier as set by the administrator. Based on a point system, the person may be considered a ‘Member’, ‘Associate’ etc. A certified investigator can be required to review the findings before labeling or associating the person. Any participating agency can access the gang database through a standard browser and enter gang data as well as searching for gang members and disseminate key data.

With Case Closed GangBuster, you can search on any field or combination of fields to quickly access the data you are looking for. In addition, our gang module is complete with an ad-hoc report writer that allows you to create on the fly reports for any of the data that is collected. For example, quickly print a list of members for a particular gang, print all gang members and group them by the gang affiliate.

Our gang module is both a windows based application for in-house investigators as well as a web based for those outside the hosting agency. This allows jails, local municipalities, task force, sheriff’s offices or any other authorized agency to access the gang database remotely.

Case Closed Gang Software is often referred to as Gang Software, Gang Management Software and Gang Database

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