Case Closed Software™ is powerful investigative case management software developed by Austin, TX based Crime Tech Solutions, LLC. The software was designed BY law enforcement investigators FOR law enforcement investigators, and is a popular solution for Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, Criminal Investigation Units, State BureausDistrict Attorneys, and Task Forces – both single and multi jurisdictional in nature.

Case Closed is an advanced investigative case management system (ICMS) and major case management (MCM) software designed to help investigation teams of all sizes manage investigations from start to finish.

No other system offers more at such an attractive price point.



Case Closed™ is our flagship solution for investigative agencies. Case Closed is quite simply the industry’s most comprehensive Investigative Case Management software solution for agencies that want to operate more efficiently, ensure audit compliance, and close cases faster. Case Closed is the only affordable off-the-shelf software solution that includes:

Case Workflow and General Management

Charges Tracking

Supplemental Reports & Incidents


Time Tracking

Evidence Management

Confidential Informants Management


Remote Case Review

Exhibits Management

Multimedia Handling


Task Management


Controlled Purchases & Money Management

Mobile Application and Smartphone Functionality

Tips and Leads

GangBuster™ Gang Database

Disclosure and Evidence Briefs

Audit Logs

Robust Reporting

Real Time Case Alerts

Case Linking

Visual Link Analysis

… and much more

For information on the company’s other solutions – including advanced link and social network analysis software, 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence software, and advanced crime analytics with predictive policing and geospatial mapping –  please visit our sister website at