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Welcome to Case Closed Software

Law Enforcement Case Management Software

Case Closed is a police case management software for any investigative unit that wants to electronically track cases.
Our Case Management Software for Detectives, is an affordable solution to managing criminal cases for small to large investigations. Taking full advantage of relational databases, our Criminal Investigation Software for investigators, provides you the ability to track your cases from initial call to court disposition. Case Closed can track cases for crimes against persons, property crimes, narcotic investigations as well as most any other type of criminal investigations.

Case Closed affords you the ability to mine data as it is entered. For example, you can quickly see all activity for an address, person, vehicle etc. Pull up an address and see prior activities such as FIRs, Search Warrants, Images taken, Arrests made at the address and any other recorded activity. No longer do you have to manually cross check and try to connect the dots.

Our case management software was designed by current and former agents/detectives.

Please browse our site to learn more. What's New page tells of the latest enhancements to our products.

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Our Criminal Investigation Software is often referred to as Investigative Software, Police Case Management Software, Major Case Management Software, Law Enforcement software, Narcotic Investigation Software and Detective Case Software.

Case Closed Case Management Software (CMS)

Detective Case Management Software

Case Closed provides a comprehensive solution to gather information collected by law enforcement personnel during the course of an investigation. CMS is geared towards the investigative arm of a Law Enforcement agency. Case Closed, Criminal Investigation Software, provides a common user interface that makes the entire system easy to learn and use for any law enforcement investigators. Key benefits include searching on any field, recovery of deleted records, system auditing, built in database maintenance management, ad-hoc Report Writer for data query capabilities.

Case Closed integrates with 'The Beast' evidence tracking software from Porter Lee Corporation. This is a seamless interface linking our Case Management to evidence submission and control.

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