Our Case Management Software tracks the workflow for each assigned case.

✔ Automatically notify lead investigator when a new Case is assigned
✔ Ability to send a case to supervisor(s) for review before closingccworkflow
✔ Notify investigator when a Case has been re-assigned
✔ Track investigators STATS such as open cases, closure rate, breakdown by time period etc.
✔ When assigning a new case, quickly see the investigators current workload (stats)
✔ Send a ‘New Case’ message to the lead investigator through the mobile app
✔ Track all Case Status changes including date and time as well as the user making the change
✔ Quickly see the Cases assigned to you to review. Review and approve the case with ease
✔ Notifications to supervisors for all Case Status changes
✔ Investigator’s supervisors can also be notified when a new case has been assigned
✔ Easily see the life of a Case as the status changes and progresses


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