Our report writer is very easy to use and allows you to create your own reports at a moments notice. Report Writer comes complete with a data dictionary that uses plain English terminology. Quickly see your data in an easy to read format and save for future use.

Use our report writer to pull the data in a meaningful way from our Investigative software for law enforcement. Once you create your own report, it saves for future use. You can customize your reports with images, logos, font changes etc. to present in a professional way.

Reports can be in a column, list or group format. For example, supervisors can create and run a report for all OPEN cases and group by investigator. Grouping puts all OPEN cases together for each detective. After the detective changes (from Smith to Jones), then you can have sub totals for values, counts or other arithmetical calculations.

Some common Police investigation reports are:

  1. All Open cases
  2. All cases closed within a time period
  3. Cases with a specific status
  4. Report on all activity for a specific informant
  5. Report on activity that has occurred at a particular address. (activity can be search warrants, trash pulls, vehicles registered to that address, persons with known address etc.
  6. Run reports all the activity for a specific ‘Person’. See their FIRs, Arrests, Case Involvement and much more Create a report to show all persons with a tattoo with the word ‘Mom’. (can be scar or mark as well. The word ‘Mom’ can be anything that you are looking for).
  7. Print the entire case file to be emailed to other investigators.
  8. Reports also include department forms. We can import/create your custom forms and put in the system for auto-population of data prior to printing.

You can create unlimited reports based on any condition you choose in minutes and print out the report or export to a variety of file formats.

Run your query results to a column report, text file, comma separated file, ASCII file, Excel file and more.

This module allows you to view the data you collect in our Police Case Management Software.

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