Case Closed Remote Case Review (RCR) module enables authorized persons access to a criminal investigator’s case file. Authorized persons may be the District Attorney, Public Defender etc. With RCR, authorized persons can view, watch or listen to:

  • Cases
  • Related Audio files
  • Video files
  • Exhibits
  • Witnesses and Victims
  • Defendants
  • Property/Evidence
  • Incident Reports
  • Case Tips
  • Case Images
  • Other Case documents (PDF, Word, Excel)

The investigator has full control over who can see their case file. The investigator is responsible to:

  • Create the Log in Account
  • Determine which Case or Cases the user can access
  • What elements of the Case the user can see (property, case files, evidence etc.)
  • Set a time period the Case file can be accessed
  • Communicate with the authorized person via internal messages

With RCR, the investigator no longer has to burn a case file to DVD or CD and deliver to the authorized person. When the DA needs to review a Case file, the investigator can instantly grant access.

When the DA logs in and reviews the Case, the DA can send an internal message to the lead investigator. When the investigator logs into the software, a message in red appears appears at the top of his home page, indicating there is a message from a remote user pertaining to the case. The Investigator can then reply to the user if needed.

Watch a video of the Remote Case Review

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