evidence room

Case Closed improves the efficiency and accuracy of your evidence room by eliminating paperwork and saving evidence room officers hours of labor. Case Closed is comprehensive software that manages property and evidence rooms of any size agency. Our Property and Evidence software is built in to our case management suite, but can operate entirely as a stand-alone application.

Chain of Custody is critical. Case Closed provides complete Evidence Room maintenance, recording each transaction with a date/time stamp. The movement of every piece of evidence is tracked, along with the key data elements associated with it. Never wonder where an important piece of evidence is again with features such as:

  • Pull Lists for Court
  • Inventory Spot Checks
  • Custom Reporting
  • Attaching Documents, Images and other Mutimedia
  • Weapon Specific Detail (Gun type, caliber, etc)
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Logging IP Address of all Status Changes
  • Multiple Note Fields
  • Auto Duplicate (For multiple identical items with different serial numbers)
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Disposition Management

Case Closed tracks all types of evidence in one centralized database including audio files, digital photos, electronic documents, physical evidence, and scanned documents. Case Closed includes an audit log that records all database transactions, providing a clear chain of custody. Security permissions allow agencies to set their own permission for Add, Delete, Edit and View for property and evidence, specific to the user level. Locate evidence fast with an array of Location options. Address, Room, Aisle, Bin, etc.

Unique item numbers and location descriptions allow for quick identification and retrieval. Integrated barcode allows for quick printing and scanning of barcodes and quickly print pull lists from a variety of storage locations.