With so many things happening at once, law enforcement and commercial investigators constantly rely on third party scheduling applications in order to get things done on time.

With Case Closed case management software for investigators, simply select what events you want to be notified about and choose if you want the supervisors to be included. Then select the method of notification (SMS Text or Email). Schedule how often you want to be notified (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

Events include:

Training Courses Due for Re-Certification
Past Due Tasks
Upcoming Court
Un-read Messages
Cases to Review
Incidents to Review
Aging Cases
Last Login


An investigator is busy with the investigation, from chasing down leads to coordinating multiple tasks. Time is of the essence in most investigations. Don’t miss out on key events relating to your criminal case. Always know your court schedule and don’t miss an important message. Supervisors can receive automatic notifications when a case has been closed and waiting for their review. Case Closed Notification feature will automatically send these notifications so you can focus on the investigation.

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