Case Closed Mobile App allows your investigators to access the software from their smart device (iPhone, Android, iPad etc.) regardless of where they are. An investigator has the ability to Add, Edit or View:

  • Cases
  • Incidents
  • Tips
  • Tasks
  • Messages

Case Closed Mobile will save your investigators time by utilizing ‘down time’ in the field, to add their incident narratives, follow up on Tips, complete Tasks or send and receive internal messages to and from other investigators.

When they return to the office, much of the paper work can already be completed. They can simply complete any missing information that was not done through Case Close Mobile and print any forms or reports as needed.

With Case Closed Mobile, an investigator can generate their incident narrative in real time. For example, an investigator conducting surveillance can use his or her smart device microphone to narrate their surveillance activity. When the investigator returns to the office, they can make any modifications (if needed) and simply print the incident report. Additionally, if the investigator remains in the field, any authorized person, within the office, will have access to the Incident or Case if needed.

This is a huge time saver for agencies as they do not have to wait for the investigator to return to the office and type up the report. Case Closed Mobile is especially useful when multiple investigators are working together out in the field while the case agent is at the office preparing a search warrant. The case agent can access the real time incidents to include (if needed) in the Search Warrant while the assisting agents can remain in the field.

Watch a video of the Mobile App