Case Closed provides software to manage Tips and Leads that come in from the general public. Tips are entered into a database which can be auto assigned to a law enforcement professional. Optionally, a Task can automatically be created for that officer or investigator. All Tips/Leads and Tasks are accessible through our mobile app, giving this key information to officers out in the field in real time.

Tips can be assigned to a Case or Incident and reported on as needed.

Tips and Leads are very time sensitive and getting these leads in front of the officers/investigators in real time for follow up is critical to criminal activity and cases.

Case Closed Tips & Leads Software includes these key features:

Track incoming Tips & Leads
The investigator, working in the field, can use our Mobile app to follow up on their assigned Tips & Leads
Assign Tips to investigators for further follow up
Track time spent on each Task or Incident
Send & Receive internal messages to other investigators
Automatically create a Tasks from the Tip
Investigator’s OPEN Tasks appear on their dashboard
Maintain Tip Status, Type and Source
Report on all Tips/Tasks for a Case with the findings
You can watch & listen to all your case files with the click of a mouse
Manage & Follow Up with Tips with our mobile app

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