Case Closed Software® is an RMS-independent investigation platform for Police, Task Forces, DA Offices, State Bureaus, and other Investigation Agencies.  Case Closed is browser-based and accessible on any device from any location. The popular software is available in both on-premise and cloud-based models.


Features of Case Closed Software

Electronic Case File – A couple of clicks and you can email your case file. All case documents will automatically attach to the email and ready to go.


Case Documents – Scan and/or attach any document to your case. (PDFs, Audio, Video, Word, Excel, etc). Manage all documents from one location and never worry about searching for lost files. View all your files from within Case Closed.

Lineups – Create and save lineups for your cases. System can automatically select images based on age, race and sex.

Time Line– With one-click, you can create a time-line of your case actions, charges, tips and messages.

Addresses– Tracks all activity related to a particular address. The address history is automatically built by cases, charges, case actions and more. Pull up an address and see ALL related activity. Integrated with Google for address validation and images.

Charges – All related charges for all defendants, court status and court dispositions.


Images – Attach any computerized image to a case, charge, person, address, vehicle, scars, marks, tattoos and more. Search for a tattoo that says ‘Betty’ and quickly find the related person and subsequent charges, cases.

Case Actions/Supplemental Reports – Record all actions taken on a case such as interviews, trash pulls, search warrants, UC buys etc. This is the heartbeat of the investigation platform.

Advanced Investigation Analytics – Integrated analytics provide investigators with key insights and visualizations to determine possible connections between people, places, and things.

Intelligence – A secure, searchable repository of the agency’s intelligence data. Intelligence may be related to cases as appropriate.


Persons – Master database holds all persons whether they are suspects, defendants, victims and witnesses. Include all demographic information including SMT, AKA’s, charges, criminal intelligence, images and more.

Vehicles – Master vehicle database links all related activity. Integration with VIN databases is available.


Informants – Track your informants and payments for each case/incident. Run reports based on your informants’ activities.


Internal Messages – Send and receive internal messages to and from investigators. (also available on mobile app)


Investigator Wallet – Track monies from ‘Wallets’ (money accounts). Manage monies issued to investigators.


Time Spent – Track time spent on cases, case actions, tips, and tasks.


Gang Module– A comprehensive gang module includes tracking gangs, members, associates, gang events, gang marks and more. Gang members are added via points-based system. Agents are alerted when a person of interest is a member of a gang.

Remote Case Review (RCR) – Allows investigators to grant access on a case by case basis to DA, Public Defender or other authorized persons for review. No longer does the investigator have to burn files (especially audio and video) to a DVD and mail or hand deliver.

Auto Notifications – Auto notifications will send an email and/or SMS text message to each investigator, reminding them about events such as upcoming court, over due tasks, aging cases, un-read messages and more. Supervisors can also be included.

Tasks – Track all your tasks and set due dates.


 Training Module – Keep up with all your investigator’s training records. Track course attendance and when they are due to be re-certified. Quickly print reports for Courses due within the next 30 or 60 days.

Statistical Reports – With one-click, generate statistical reports for anything from arrests to full case reports.


Property/Evidence– A robust evidence room management tool. Track all case related property. Print bar-code labels. Create pull lists, inventory checks, and view full chain-of-custody for each item.

Customized Dashboard – Dashboard is the first screen investigators see when they log in. The interactive dashboard displays any tasks that are due, upcoming court dates, cases to be reviewed, unread messages, and key statistics.

Tips –Track all incoming Tips for a case and automatically assign to an agent for follow up.


Report Writer – Create your own reports and save then for future use. Reports can be exported to a column or layout format, Excel file, CSV file and many other output formats. This gives you full control of your data output. Any data that is entered into Case Closed can be reported on and exported.

Multi-agency –  Unlimited agents/investigators may be entered and tied to any participating agency.