Case Closed Software provides criminal investigators with advanced investigation analytics that easily expose hidden networks of criminal activity across cases. Knowing the connections between entities, such as people or organizations, is critical during the course of an investigation. How is John connected with Sally? Does John contact Bill to get to Sally? How easy is it to map out criminal activity? What is the shortest path between two entities? Case Closed Software provides advanced investigation analytics that make it easy for the investigator to answer these types of questions and more.

With highly optimized graph algorithms through our strategic partnership with Visallo, you can quickly see all paths, the shortest path, or only the best paths between entities based on your specific criteria. The secret is in our powerful capabilities to search across disparate data sources such as:

  • Investigative Case Management Software
  • Records Management Systems
  • Computer Aided Dispatch Records
  • Automated License Plate Recognition
  • Jail Management Systems
  • Criminal Intelligence Repositories
  • Gang Databases
  • Property & Evidence
  • Stored Documents
  • Cell Phone Tower Dumps
  • Parole Systems, and
  • Many Other Internal and External Data Sources

Images courtesy of Visallo

… and deliver powerful visual, temporal, and geospatial information directly to the investigation unit. Through our analytics, data becomes information. Information helps close cases.

Even better, users can drag and drop visual analytics and reports directly into a case, incident, or supplementary report and can share the output with approved team members in real time.

Investigation capabilities such as these have long been limited to the financial wherewithal of  major federal agencies and only the largest of law enforcement jurisdictions. Case Closed Software changes that with affordable investigation analytics as part of our case management software platform.