Sentinel Visualizer™ provides powerful crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics, organizational crime mapping and reporting to criminal investigators and intelligence analysis.

Case Closed Sentinel Visualizer can:

✔ Identify key players

✔ Reduce complicated data relationships into cells and cliques

✔ Find all paths, the shortest path, or the best paths between two entities

✔ Perform timeline analysis

✔ Include your own metadata in the analysis process

✔ Build simple or complex models that mirror your mission’s parameters

Sentinel Visualizer provides assistance to crime analysts in pattern identification, analysis and prediction of crimes, data mining and organizational mapping

Sentinel Visualizer can analyze data from Case Closed Case Management to phone call log, credit card transactions, loss prevention, RMS, 911 calls and a whole lot more.

Google Earth

Case Closed can send location data directly from our case management software, that can easily be mapped in Google Earth. You will be able to pin point key locations and even span those locations and watch the connections over a period of time. This allows you to see, over time, when the locations became a connection.

With Google Earth installed, Visualizer allows you to pin locations, display links between them, and integrate with the timeline to let you filter by time periods directly within Google Earth.

With the Geo Filter tool, you can filter data outside the geographical area you select. Use this tool to find all data that is in a specific area. With Visualizer Geo Tools, you can filter and query data simply by drawing a circle.
Data that is shown on the Link Analysis is automatically displayed on the Geospatial View. This enables you to easily see the geographical disposition of your data records

Connecting the Dots

Knowing the connections between entities, such as people or organizations, is critical during the course of an investigation. How is John connected with Sally? Does John contact Bill to get to Sally? How easy is it to map out criminal activity manually? What is the shortest path between two entities? Sentinel Visualizer provides a variety of tools to make it easy for the investigator to answer these questions. With highly optimized graph algorithms, you can quickly see all paths, the shortest path, or only the best paths between entities based on your specific criteria.

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