Case Cloud Cloud™

Our industry-leading investigation management software – straight from the cloud!

Case Closed Cloud is the industry’s only fully integrated web-based Investigation, Evidence, Intelligence, Analytics, and Audit system for investigation agencies – private and public. Built using the very latest technologies, Case Closed Cloud can be utilized via our ultra-secure cloud or installed locally behind your firewall.

Case Closed Software®, a leader in the development of investigation software for law enforcement and commercial agencies is pleased to announce Case Closed Cloud™, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of the company’s industry-leading investigative case management software.

Case Closed Software is widely deployed in North America and abroad and is generally considered to be the most feature-rich investigation platform available on the market.

The new cloud-based offering is a customer-driven initiative. More than half of all law enforcement agencies in the U.S. already use some type of cloud-based technologies, and the time is right for a true cloud-based investigation management platform. Through the Case Closed Cloud delivery model, investigators will see lower upfront costs, reduced infrastructure requirements, and a much faster deployment model.

Case Closed Cloud is extremely secure and allows agencies to manage, investigate, and close more cases, more quickly.

Case Closed Cloud is developed using cutting-edge technologies and includes specialized functionality for:

  • Investigation Workflow Management
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Need-To-Know Status Management
  • Task and Assignment Support
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Integrated Visual Link Analysis
  • World-class Big Data Analytics
  • Confidential Informant (CI) Management
  • Full Evidence Room and Property Tracking with Chain-of-Custody
  • Criminal Intelligence Management
  • Gang Database Module
  • Remote Case Review
  • Mobile Application
  • …and much more.

Case Closed Cloud has all of the features found in our on-premise software, with several new features added.

The benefits of Case Closed Cloud include:

1. Lower cost of entry

With Case Closed Cloud™, agencies pay only for what they need, without having to buy hardware to host new case management software. Instead of provisioning internal resources to install the software, we perform much of the work to get the software working.


2. Reduced time to benefit

In the SaaS model, the Case Closed software application is already installed and configured. Users can provision the server for the cloud and quickly have the application ready for use. This cuts the time to benefit and has investigators closing cases more quickly.


3. Rapid prototyping and free trial

Case Closed Software offers qualifying agencies free, no obligation trials which provide a robust discovery phase to prove the benefit to the organization. Use a free trial of Case Closed Cloud as a proof of concept for management.


4. Pay as you go

Case Closed Cloud software gives you the benefit of predictable costs. Agencies pay for only the resources they utilize, with a clear understanding of all fees, even as your requirements grow.


5. Automatic Updates

Since the software is hosted by Case Closed, we own the responsibility for maintaining the software and upgrading it, ensuring that it is reliable and meeting agreed-upon service level agreements, and keeping the application and its data secure.


6. Work anywhere

Since the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet, investigators can access it via mobile devices wherever they are connected. This includes checking case statuses, supplemental reports, messages, tasks, evidence, and everything else.