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Case Closed Case Management Software (CMS)

Police Case Management Software and Criminal Investigation Software

Our Criminal Investigation Software is often referred to as Investigative Software, Police Case Management Software, Law Enforcement software, Narcotic Investigation Software and Police Software.

Case Closed – Is a windows based application used for tracking cases for investigators in law enforcement. This program was designed by law enforcement personnel with investigative experience. This application can also be modified to fit the needs of each department. This program may run on a standalone computer or in a network environment.

Cases – Track cases for each investigator including court status, disposition, charges, images, defendants and much more.

Addresses– This module tracks all activity related to a particular address. The address history is automatically built by cases, charges, search warrants, incidents and more. Investigators can pull up an address and see ALL related activity that has occurred at that address. Images may also be attached for a particular address.

Charges – This module holds all related charges for all defendants. Track court status, court dispositions and images related to any charge.

Images – Attach any computerized image to a case, charge, person, address, vehicle, scars, marks, tattoos and more. You can search on any image as well. Example: Search for a tattoo that says ‘Betty’ and quickly find the related person and subsequent charges, cases.

Incidents – Record all incidents in this module whether they relate to a case or not. Information includes investigator, location, date & time, incident type and narrative.

PersonsThis database holds all persons whether they are suspects, defendants, victims and witnesses. Include all demographic information including SMT, AKA’s, Charges, FIR’s (field interview reports) and more.

Vehicles – All vehicles are entered into this database. Vehicles may be linked to cases, FIR’s, persons, incidents etc. All pertinent information is tracked such as owner, tag, vin#, etc. A history is automatically maintained for prior owners, color of vehicle, tag, etc. You can search on any field to quickly find a vehicle and all related activity.

Informants – Track your informants and payments for each case/incident. Run reports based on your informants’ activities.

Money Tills – In March 2014, we added the ability to track monies from 'tills' (money accounts) from a single till or multiple. Manage monies issued to agents for investigations. Every agent will have their own 'register' and can transfer monies to other agents if needed. Supervisors can quickly see the current till's balance. Run reports to see all the transactions to agents and for which cases.

Report Writer – This module allows you to create your own reports, which may be saved for future use. Reports can be exported to a column or layout format, Excel file, CSV file and many other output formats. This gives you full control of your data output. Any data that is entered into Case Closed can be reported on and exported.

Case Closed Software comes with these additional features:

  • System security to allow or prevent users from viewing or making changes to a record in each module.
  • Multi-agency capable. Unlimited agents/investigators may be entered and tied to a particular agency.
  • Case #s are automatically generated based on your format per agency.
  • Case files can be emailed to supervisors and the district attorney. (or anyone else)
  • Cases must be reviewed by supervisors before closing.
The ability for custom programming for agency specific features, printable forms, reports and much more

Case Closed integrates with 'The Beast' evidence tracking software from Porter Lee Corporation. This is a seamless interface linking our Case Management to evidence submission and control.

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